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1pc Beach Starfish, Seashell, Palm Tree, and the Sun Pendant Layered Necklace Women's Fine Spiritual Jewelry

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Starfish Symbolism: The stars and starfish are seen as celestial symbols, representing infinite divine love. In addition to love, the starfish also symbolizes guidance, vigilance, inspiration, brilliance, intuition, regeneration, renewal, and self-sustainability. When one calls on this spirit animal and totem, they trust their instincts and have the innate ability to discern new possibilities and opportunities. Although they are inclined towards viewing things asblack and white, they must learn to find balance in their decisions and in judging others. The starfish uses your intuitive gifts and wisdom gathered through experience to create strong foundations for emotional, spiritual, and physical growth. 

Seashell Symbolism: Seashells remind us that we were all temporary and that, ultimately, nothing lasts forever. “The Soul Leaving Earth”.  They can evoke memories of family and friends, happy times, and moments of sorrow. Theyre a reminder that life is precious and that memories, no matter how fleeting, remain with us.  “The Journey of Life”. 

Palm Tree Symbolism: A palm tree is a powerful symbol of spiritual victory, peace, rest, and comfort that invokes a sense of spirituality, showing us that if we keep pressing on, even in our darkest times, hope lies just around the corner. Gazing upon a palm tree in the wind (or stationary) brings a sign of assurance—that God will give you just what you need, no matter what it looks like. Additionally, a palm tree symbolizes a victory over enemies, a safeguard from potential harm, and an illustration of fertility. 

The Sun: The sun is often seen as a symbol of life, positivity, enlightenment, divine wisdom, control, authority, dominion, healing, and the divine. It is a reminder of our strength and of the power of nature, and how it can bring us joy, warmth, comfort, and health. The sun is also often seen as a beacon of hope, as it gives us a chance to start anew each day. Additionally, it is seen as a source of creative inspiration, enabling us to manifest our dreams and grow our passions.

Plating: 14K Gold Plated

Theme: Casual / Beach Wear / Sea Life

The Main Material: Polymer Clay

Style: Vintage, Elegant