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1pc Healing Stone Bracelet, Natural Gemstone, Chakra Crystal Energy Bracelet, Handmade Jewelry

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  • Material: Stones - Tiger Eye, Black Agate, Orange Onyx, Green Aventurine, Old Topaz, Pink Crystal
  • Style: Casual
  • TIGER EYE is a stone of courage, power, and protection. Tiger Eye Protects from the evil eye and blocks negative energies around us. It’s a stone of vitality and good health and it elevates psychic abilities and aligns you with your higher self. Tiger Eye is connected to the planet Mars, which balances the SOLAR PLEXUS, HEART, and THIRD EYE CHAKRAS.
  •  BLACK AGATE - Alleviates aches and pains, particularly in the bones and joints. This crystal is also thought to help regulate digestion and improve overall metabolic function. Additionally, this gemstone is said to help strengthen the immune system, making it a great choice for anyone looking to boost their overall health and well-being. This crystal is believed to have a calming and soothing effect on the mind, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and feelings of anger or frustration.
  • ORANGE ONYX - Onyx gains a massive amount of positive energy that translates to happiness, joy, and fulfillment. Also, Onyx enhances the emotional aspect of its bearer, it washes away all the impurities that typically ruin the persona. Thus, whoever has an Onyx is observed as a worry-free individual and believe that this gem is responsible for absorbing all the negativities in life. 
  • GREEN AVENTURINE - Green aventurine serves as a constant reminder to remain optimistic and anticipate positive outcomes in all aspects of your life. By incorporating this crystal into your daily routine, you will notice a greater alignment with favorable circumstances and find yourself effortlessly in the perfect position to embrace new possibilities. This crystal will open your aura to seizing opportunities as they arise. Green Aventurine will staying receptive to positive change and open to new prospects, aventurine increases your odds of success. "Think of aventurine as a luck amplifier in all your hopeful endeavors," This is the Crystal of Luck and Fertility.
  • OLD TOPAZ - Topaz possesses a wide range of metaphysical qualities, such as its ability to bring about joy, good health, abundance, and generosity. It serves as a valuable companion for individuals setting personal goals, as it offers unwavering support for affirmations and manifestation practices. Furthermore, Topaz is highly effective in purifying the aura and inducing a state of relaxation by releasing tension at all levels. It accelerates spiritual growth, particularly in instances where it may have previously felt arduous. This gemstone instills confidence and inspires you to impart your acquired knowledge onto others. When in the presence of Topaz, negativity dissipates, promoting a sense of openness, honesty, self-control, and self-realization.
  • PINK CRYSTAL - The pink crystals, also known as stones of love, play a significant role in nurturing and maintaining a healthy heart chakra, or Anahata. These crystals are instrumental in fostering loving relationships with partners, family, and friends by promoting an open heart that is free from fear. Moreover, pink crystals empower individuals to cultivate self-love and acceptance, which are critical for building a strong foundation within oneself. By enhancing self-esteem, these crystals positively impact one's self-image and how they present themselves to the world. Additionally, pink crystals aid in balancing metabolism and addressing blood disorders, making them beneficial for individuals experiencing imbalances or health issues related to blood pressure. When it comes to matters of love and relationships, pink crystals shine brightly. They generate a harmonious energy that enables individuals to both give and receive love, fostering beautiful compassion and promoting positive communication. Furthermore, these crystals assist in relinquishing negative emotions associated with deep love, including jealousy, dark obsessions, and emotional trauma. Moreover, pink crystals can help reconcile conflicts, which are often encountered in relationships, creating a balanced and harmonious dynamic.