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8MM Natural Stone Healing Crystal Stretch Beaded Bracelet For Men

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Item ID: YT07311
Material: Natural Stone


Blue Turquoise - If you come across a turquoise crystal unexpectedly, it is because you are in need of its healing properties, much like the natural law of attraction. By incorporating turquoise into your meditation practice, you can experience a significant reduction in stress levels and elimination of negative energy. In terms of physical healing, turquoise can boost your physical and psychic immune system, aid in nutrient absorption, reduce inflammation and assist with viral infections, detoxify the body, minimize gut acidity and alleviate conditions such as rheumatism and gout, assist with migraines and headaches, and heal respiratory ailments. Additionally, turquoise can improve concentration and problem-solving abilities. In terms of emotional healing, wearing turquoise promotes a sense of tranquility and well-being, fosters empathy, revitalizes spirits, reduces stress, and brings clarity to the mind, preventing mood swings.


Black Labradorite - The stone known as Black Labradorite has the ability to cleanse both your auras and physical body from negative energy. It also aids in bringing significant focus to your spiritual journey, allowing you to see the successes that your guides have in store for you. By doing so, you will experience less stress and a life filled with discovery, rather than being consumed by menial daily tasks. Utilizing Black Labradorite will grant you access to its incredible healing properties. This unique stone assists in eliminating negative self-talk and encourages exploration of the positive thoughts and affirmations you have about your future. It empowers you to say no to negativity and say yes to positivity. Black Labradorite serves as a connection to your third eye chakra and crown chakras, which brings you closer to your life's purpose and spiritual guides. As you gain more insight into your path and true purpose, you will notice a decrease in stress levels. This stone serves as a bridge between your physical and spiritual self. It enables the alignment of your third eye chakra and crown chakra, allowing you to perceive outcomes more clearly. Additionally, Black Labradorite facilitates astral travel, enhances dream experiences, and helps you achieve deep meditative states, leading to significant discoveries along your spiritual journey.

Howlite - Wearing Howlite can assist you in attracting riches and plenty by increasing your mental alertness. It might help you focus on your financial objectives and identify innovative strategies to achieve them. Howlite's forces will also encourage you to come up with creative and beautiful concepts. It will help you stay motivated till you achieve your goals. Here are a few ways in which this stone can benefit your mind, body, and soul. On a physiological level, Howlite can assist in regulating the calcium content in your body. This can result in stronger bones, lush and lustrous hair, and sparkling teeth, bringing a sense of vitality to your physical form. Furthermore, Howlite has the ability to signal to your system that it requires increased hydration to thrive. As a gemstone associated with the water element, Howlite encourages you to stay hydrated, whether through enjoying a soothing cup of ginger tea or indulging in a detoxifying bath.