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Marbling Stone Smooth Bracelet Hollow Shape Pendant With Luminous Glowing In The Dark

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Item# UT01478

LOTUS - The lotus flower holds profound spiritual significance, and its symbolism is interpreted in various ways across different religions and cultures. In Buddhism, the lotus flower is widely recognized as a symbol of triumph over challenges on the path to achieving spiritual enlightenment.  In Hinduism, the lotus flower represents the awakening of one's spirituality, embodying divine beauty and serving as a manifestation of spiritual growth. In the ancient Egyptian culture, the lotus flower was used as a symbol of rebirth and creation, closely linked to the sun and creation myths.

The lotus flower is often regarded as a symbol of resilience due to its remarkable ability to grow in muddy water and emerge untainted. This symbolism of the lotus flower is commonly employed to represent the journey towards spiritual expansion and enlightenment. The lotus' ability to rise above the murky waters acts as a metaphor for overcoming obstacles and living a life of purity and grace. Across numerous spiritual practices, the lotus flower carries immense symbolism as a potent representation of transformation, displaying its capacity to regenerate and rejuvenate itself year after year.


ANGEL - Each individual has their own unique guardian angel, regardless of their beliefs. Even those who may not believe in such entities are still under the protective guidance of their guardian angel. It is important to remember that the Divine does not err and believes every person is deserving of having a guardian angel. The guardian angel is a spiritual form of an angel that is assigned to you from the moment of your birth. They are always there to provide assistance, support, and love throughout every stage of your life. Your guardian angel will take care of you, offering guidance and direction at every crossroad.

TURTLE - Turtles embody various symbolic qualities including intuitive development, strength, courage, protection, wisdom, patience, determination, and receptivity. They tend to appear in our lives when we are aligning our intuitive insights with our physical manifestations. Additionally, turtles are often associated with the interconnectedness of our planet. Spiritually, turtles represent the dualistic nature of creation, embodying energies that are both fast and slow, dream-oriented and action-oriented, masculine and feminine, and intuitive and logical. Being attuned to the ebb and flow of these energies can lead to wisdom, longevity, self-awareness, and the potential for limitless manifestation. Turtles also remind us to be mindful of caring for our environment, acknowledging its importance in our journey.